Matter could be investigated by a committee of parliament
Stabroek News
February 13, 2004

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Dear Editor,

In his capacity as the President of the Guyana Bar Association Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan had suggested that Minister Gajraj could be summoned before a committee of parliament to give evidence in the matter of the allegations by George Bacchus about a death squad.

He argued we should utilise the institutions that we already have in place, we should not create institutions and bypass them.

Mr. Ramjattan went on to note that during the constitutional reform process these parliamentary committees were created especially for the purpose of scrutinising the executive branch of the government.

He said the committee could compel the Minister to answer questions pertaining to national security and that recommendations would be made to parliament on what should be done. He said this could include that the Minister resign and that criminal investigations be instituted.

The Bar Association head also considered utilising the Disciplined Forces Commis-sion which was mandated to examine, advise and report on the origin, course and development of allegations of extra-judicial killings, summary executions and the involvement of the police force in illegal activities.

In essence, Mr. Ramjattan is saying to his countrymen and women that those who are elected to manage national affairs must be people of integrity and must be made to answer for wrong doings. I have read all his columns and statements in the Stabroek News and saw nothing there to substantiate PPP General Secretary Mr. Donald Ramotar's claims that Ramjattan attacks the party and discusses private party matters in public. What seems clear is that the party doesn't welcome criticism.

At this time of our history our country badly needs people like Mr. Ramjattan and Mr. Paul Slowe (Assistant Commissioner of Police), men of integrity and professionalism, who are ready to stand up for what is right, even if they are threatened with expulsion or dismissal.

Yours faithfully,

Colin Ross