Ramjattan has not consistently attacked the party
Stabroek News
February 13, 2004

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Dear Editor,

It is admirable when someone can weather challenges and advocate that the best way to demonstrate character is to be truthful and transparent, regardless of the circumstances and opposition.

As a professional there have been numerous occasions when Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan sat in his office and helped to strongly reinforce that principle to groups of youths, myself included, whenever his advice was sought on ways to tackle issues involving any manner of situation.

A stalwart who always urges never to back away from a challenge once you're on the side of truth, Mr. Ramjattan would remind the youths who often sit in his office of the past battles fought for democracy in Guyana by the founders of the People's Progressive Party (PPP).

The average youth, who for a lack of interest thought it best to never ponder the past, would get a crash course of `heroes' in the PPP, the men and women who toiled for change amid the toughest fight. These stories are empowering and motivating.

Oftentimes, the youths who frequent Mr. Ramjattan's office burning up his time, with him never once complaining, would leave feeling invigorated, aware and confident that they have a mentor, who wasn't going to let them shy away from any giant.

His repute extends beyond his office and the public is quite aware of this fact.

In his interactions with youths there was never an inkling that the man had guns pointed at the PPP party, for which he always openly pledges his support.

I, therefore, disagree with the statement that Mr. Ramjattan has "consistently and unjustifiably attacked the Party Congress, the Party, members of the Leadership and the Government."

The youths in Guyana are striving to establish a better tomorrow and are observing the mannerisms of today's leadership.

Frankly speaking, we are getting mixed and confusing signals in the democracy in which we must unite to live.

Why is Mr. Ramjattan's loyalty being questioned for the sake of him urging a right principle of truth and transparency?

Yours faithfully,

Sharon Natasha Lall