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Stabroek News
February 12, 2004

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Dear Editor,

Stabroek News and some sections of the broadcast media, perhaps through brilliant investigative journalism, informed us that the acting Commissioner of Police, Mr Mc Donald, (to whom this nation certainly owes a debt of gratitude) authorised the issue of Axel Williams' firearm. Seems to me a perfectly legitimate act; since he is the competent authority to do so!

But what I am now wondering is whether these very same brilliant minds were ever able to find out who had authorised, or given, the AK 47 rifles to the freedom fighters; (I seem to recall that Andrew Douglas braced one on his shoulder when he made his famous tape) or, who authorised and/or supplied the 'armoury' that was found at the posh Lamaha Gardens house where Dale Moore et al were staying when he met his death.

I don't think it was Mr Mc Donald, or we would have known already.

Perhaps our journalists are still working and, as they are on it, it might also be helpful if they can add the issue of the finding of a gun, that allegedly belonged to a top Member of Parliament, in the possession of criminals; or, whether criminals and/or alleged criminals hang out at a certain diner on the East Coast, and who is this person who is the proprietor of the diner.

Yet still, it would be nice to know who the negotiations were carried on with for the release of the kidnapped American diplomat; how much, if any, and to whom the money was paid.

Let me caution here however that even though our journalists ask very good questions of US State Depart-ment Officials, they should remember that the Americans have said that they do not negotiate with terrorists. So see if you can use the polygraph machine at the Embassy, but protect your visas at all times.

Yours faithfully,

Lallbeharry Jones