The all weather road to Lethem is well advanced
Stabroek News
February 12, 2004

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Dear Editor,

A E Housman wrote in his poem Epitaph on an army of mercenaries:

"These, in the day when heaven was falling

The hour when earth's foundations fled,

Followed their mercenary calling,

And took their wages, and are dead."

This describes the present mood of the country and in this gloom and doom scenario it is difficult to focus on positive developments or even to hope or to plan for a fulfilling future.

Nevertheless, one development needs to be noticed and its potentially positive results acknowledged. The all weather road link from Georgetown to Lethem is well advanced. This idea coming from the thinkers of the Government, His Excellency the President, the Prime Minister and Minister Xavier, has been well planned and executed.

A trade route between South Brazil and Georgetown has been opened. Despite some setbacks and the initial problems inherent in any new development, the foresight of the government planners is slowly bearing fruit. Travelling time to Lethem has dramatically been reduced, introduction of mini buses along the route has already had its impact, visitors and cultural exchanges from South Brazil via the road link to Georgetown have taken place and a healthy trade route has been firmly established.

It is expected that by April 30, 2004, the section from Annai to Lethem will be vastly improved, thus the dream of an all weather road would have been realized. This positive development should not go unnoticed and even with its imperfection it stands out as a ray of hope in the encompassing darkness of our times. Kudos to the President and his men and a fledgling and nervous nation should take heart that all is not lost.

Yours faithfully,

Vincent Lopes