Are these embassies being impartial?
Stabroek News
February 11, 2004

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Dear Editor,

The United States Embassy and the Canadian High Commission have peremptorily withdrawn visas issued to Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj because of very tenuous and unsubstantiated allegations made against him.

Doing this, they may have been following laid down procedures in dealing with such situations although the majority of people feel that the action amounts to a sanction imposed without justifiable reason.

The attitude and action of these foreign representatives seem to us to be partisan and inexplicable, as they did not take similar action during violence linked to and supported by some of the top executives of the main Opposition party.

We still remember the part the United States and British officials played in destabilizing the democratically elected PPP government in the 1960s and the support they gave to the opposition PNC to help them get into office, and remain there for twenty-eight years through rigged elections while they were looking on.

Surely, they should be even-handed and impartial when dealing in such matters as a large section of the population are offended by their one-sided action and can see no justification for it.

Yours faithfully,

Debra Carrington