Intervention of Western Ambassadors is welcome
Stabroek News
February 10, 2004

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Dear Editor,

I wish to commend and to express my profound gratitude to the US Ambassador, the British High Commis-sioner, and the Acting Canadian Commissioner for their stand on the death squad allegations. As a matter of principle, those who want to enjoy the democratic and civilized world must also try to nurture and preserve it. Their "intervention" in this matter is much needed, is well respected and is most highly appreciated.

Pay no heed to those who accuse you of "meddling" for some of them are the very people who were singing praises to your governments when they intervened in 1992. Just remind them that your "intervention" was to promote democracy and not mobocracy. Further, like a mother watches over her child, those of us who know better have a duty to save these people from their own ignorance. The government must act.

Please continue to stand "on guard" for us so that one day we too can be strong and free.

Yours faithfully,

Artie Ricknauth