External pressure has induced some normalcy
Stabroek News
February 7, 2004

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Dear Editor,

Since Mr Bacchus made his report to the American Embassy, the rate of reported murders has fallen to zero. An exception perhaps is the death of the suspect who was hospitalised. The police pursued a suspect and shot him in the leg. This is a significant departure from the earlier practice of shooting suspects to kill them.

It is clear that we can behave with the appropriate discipline and restraint if it is necessary to do so. Clearly the external influences (not the destructive external influences) are responsible. Even the destructive external influences are now on good behaviour.

Why this turn around to good behaviour? The answer lies in the fact that the weak leadership that is presiding over our destruction is sidelined temporarily.

To internalise what the beneficial external influence has secured is possible. The analysis has been done. The leaders know what they have to do but usually allow themselves to be bossed by crooks. That relationship of our leaders and the crooks has now festered for so long that the leaders cannot help themselves.

Yours faithfully,

Clarence F Ellis