Visas suspended because some action expected
Stabroek News
February 6, 2004

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Dear Editor,

A recent letter by Khem Harrinarine in the Stabroek News said that Guyanese everywhere are proud of Minister Ronald Gajraj. Well, we are certainly not. In fact we are alarmed and ashamed at the Guyana government.

The Canadian and American governments revoked his visa because in Canada and the USA, when an official is under accusations even less serious than complicity in a death squad operation, that official always steps down and an inquiry is done. This is how the democracy in Canada and the USA works. So the Canadian and American governments expect the Guyana Government to take the same democratic action by (1) holding a transparent public inquiry and (b) asking Minister Gajraj to step down in the interim. If he is cleared, he can resume his duties.

This is what happens over here so that is why they took the visa action, they are disappointed by the government's lack of democratic judgment so far.

Yours faithfully,

Alan Zaakir.