These embassies have breached diplomatic protocol
Stabroek News
February 2, 2004

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Dear Editor,

Minister Gajraj must be commended for his ability to continue his duties under such tremendous pressure from the PNC. The foreign embassies have put additional pressure on the government. The American embassy should have quickly referred Mr. Bacchus to the Police Commissioner to give a statement regarding his allegations, that did not happen, it is a breach of protocol. The Canadian embassy wanting to show that it is on board with the Americans have rescinded a visa for the embattled Home Affairs Minister. The British not to be outdone publicly called for a public inquiry into the matter.

These embassies must realize that they are the guest of the host government. Whatever concerns that they may have must be referred to the government. Besides, why were these embassies silent during the PNC's reign of terror? Innocent Guyanese were murdered, Guyana may be the only nation where more of its citizens live abroad, a testament to the rule of the PNC. Why did they not call for a public inquiry into the incitement of the former leader of the PNC Mr. Hoyte for his "mo fire, slow fire" statements.

The breaching of protocol and interference in the internal operations of a nation are quite disturbing, since these nations are supposed to be "guardians of democracy". Embassies are supposed to work with the government of the day not the Opposition. One wonders what information the CIA, CSIS and MI6 have gathered on the so called "phantom death squad". If they have the intelligence then they must come forward and submit the evidence for public scrutiny.

Mr. Gajraj, for what it is worth, is now a hero in the eyes of the Guyanese population at home and abroad. I firmly believe Mr. Gajraj is an innocent man until proven otherwise.

Yours faithfully,

Khem Harrinarine