An independent enquiry is essential
Stabroek News
January 31, 2004

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Dear Editor,

I am no politician nor am I anti-government. I have been following the George Bacchus/Ronald Gajraj saga and do not agree that a specific report has to be made against the minister before some action is taken by himself or the President.

The allegations are of a very serious nature and sections of the citizenry have been calling for an independent investigation but such an investigation should not be done by the police since it would seem that some senior officers have also been implicated.

Let's look at this scenario - an allegation is levelled against a man; would it be prudent for one of his children to be asked to investigate? Mr Gajraj is the subject minister with responsibility for the police. How can they investigate an allegation against him when he is their "political father"?

One of two things should happen. The minister should demit office or the President should shift him to another ministry far removed from Home Affairs.

Yours faithfully,

(name and address provided)