Some questions for George Bacchus
Stabroek News
January 26, 2004

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Dear Editor,

I have been reading with keen interest the revelations of George Bacchus linking the Minister of Home Affairs, senior police officers and certain questionable businessmen to the phantom gang.

Allow me to make it pellucidly clear that I suspect Mr. Bacchus is being 95% truthful about his knowledge and involvement in the activities of an illegal killing squad which is responsible for the deaths of many young African men, business persons and a few police officers.

We all recall the many atrocities committed by the notorious and murderous 'black clothes' police and the protection they received from senior officials within the PPP/C regime whenever serious charges were levelled against any of their members. Remember they were alleged to have been involved in the drugs and extortion business and the well documented evidence of the roles they played in the US visa scam and the scores of extra-judicial killings.

I have a few questions for George Bacchus:

1. Who is responsible for the deaths of CANU head, Mr. Vibert Innis and Officer Duncan?

2. Who are the true masterminds behind the kidnapping of the senior US diplomat?

3. Was Freedom House used as a meeting base for certain 'death squad' members with the knowledge of senior functionaries of the PPP/C?

3. How much trust should the nation place in certain senior policemen?

4. Apart from yourself, how many other persons with previous criminal records were issued firearm licenses upon your recommendation?

Yours faithfully,


Mark Benschop