Death Squads are monsters that become uncontrollable
Stabroek News
January 22, 2004

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Dear Editor,

I refer to Nyron Ally's letter captioned "Phantom gang has done an excellent job" (KN 11-01-2004), where he stated that "the public perception is that whoever did what was done to bring back order in society did the nation a favour."

I would like to say that this is Mr Ally's perception and not that of members of the public who strongly feel that the rule of law is ignored by those who want an eye for an eye.

We are living in a civilised society where the executive, legislative and judicial branches and others are responsible for the maintenance of that society.

George Bacchus' revelation of the "Phan-tom gang" creates another monster in society, that becomes uncontrollable, and develops into a criminal enterprise through contract killing.

Minister Gajraj must resign as a minister of the government since he cannot be interdicted from duty like other public servants who are normally sent on half-month salary when serious allegations are made against them, and reinstated in their jobs when the findings of those allegations are not proven.

I hope that the inquiry committee will consist of people seeking justice for all Guyanese despite their political affiliation.

At present in England, Senior Judge Lord Hutton's inquiry unleashed months of speculation about Prime Minister Blair's role in driving scientist Kelly to kill himself and about the primary reason for the US led Iraq war - its alleged weapons of mass destruction.

A public inquiry into the "Phantom gang" operation will unleash the speculation of Mr Gajraj's involvement since this gang is illegal and can be defined as a secret police, using terroristic methods; it makes a mockery of the rule of law. The members of this gang should be charged under the Terrorist Act.

"It is a God-given instinct to search for the truth, and nothing short of the truth will ever satisfy our yearning." Justice Charles Evans Hughes.

Yours faithfully,

Ovid Smith