Those who took on the criminals should be praised for their courage
Stabroek News
January 19, 2004

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Dear Editor,

In the past year, Guyana has been terrorized and traumatized by the numerous atrocities committed by criminal elements. It is now apparent that the deaths of these criminals seem to have taken on far greater significance than those of their victims. Or is this another excuse for further political and economic instability? These criminals showing blatant disregard for societal norms, cannot be given rights over their victims.

The army was ineffective. The Guyana Police Force, demoralized as it was, lacked the means necessary to take the fight to the criminals and moreso in a politically explosive situation.

Not until the abduction of a US diplomat, was there enough embarrassment to spur the necessary action to do something about the criminals and those who supported their actions. Guyanese should understand that the politically ambitious will not liberate them from their predicaments.

This does not necessarily mean that all politicians are crooked. However we cannot ignore the fact that many politicians serve their own interests before others. Power lies with people, who by birthright make up the citizens of a nation. It is up to the people to exercise that power. If people allow themselves to be manipulated by the whims and fancies of crooked politicians and other white collar criminals, they should understand that they sacrifice their rights to use their collective power and that their exploitation by unscrupulous politicians and white collar criminals will continue.

If criminals of the worst kind are provided with rights then so should it be for their victims. Unlike the victims, criminals do not have a conscience, loyalty or humanity. They do not reflect on their actions. If a phantom group was necessary to take them out, then credit must be given to such a group, the organizer and supporters of this so-called phantom group for bravery and for the risks undertaken. Criminals of this nature do not deserve a place in society and their deaths should be an event for celebration for any sane thinking citizen.

It is time to end indifference to what has prevailed and is still prevailing. All are involved. Eventually all will we consumed. It is the equal responsibility of each citizen to promote the fight against crime for the good and security of everyone. None should entertain feelings that he/she is not/has not been affected. At some point each is affected. The security forces need the help of each citizen in their efforts to eliminate crime.

Here is an example why. I reside with my family abroad. I was on a brief visit to Guyana. A neighbour of mine who has an insatiable appetite for women was living with his umpteenth common law wife. During a disagreement he beat her on the head with a hammer one night. She suffered a fractured skull as might be expected and died a day or so after. He claimed she fell and hit her head. The police did everything they could to investigate, considering the limited resources available. Many neighbours heard her screams. They knew what had occurred. None came forward to tell the police what actually happened. This guy could not be prosecuted for lack of evidence. He continues to change wives and enjoys freedom even though he should be behind bars. He is a menace to society since at some point in time he may repeat his actions. He preys on unsuspecting and helpless women, who are unaware of the character of this man.

Criminals are known to even a few citizens. Justice can only be served if citizens have the conviction that the actions of criminals are wrong and they should face the consequences of the law. When this fails and courageous individuals risk their own safety, their very own lives to take them down, then such individuals should be praised for their courage instead of having to face persecution, because they did what everyone else failed to do, which is to remove the menace from society.

Yours faithfully,

B. Narine