I commend the Phantom group for standing up to the criminals
Stabroek News
January 19, 2004

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Dear Editor,

I have been following your front page coverage of this mysterious phantom group and have observed that most of the victims of this alleged group have been murderous criminals with the exception of the late Mr. Bacchus.

I have lost a friend at the hands of these murderous criminals. Lloyd Singh was a friend of mine.

The Minister of Home Affairs is incompetent at the least, since it was about six doors away from his residence that kidnapped victims were being held by the Buxton-based criminals. This man wasn't only blind to the criminal siege of the country at the time; he was totally unaware that they were operating under his nose. His incompetence would discredit any assumed complicity. I join the PNC in their call for his resignation.

As for this Phantom Group, they appear to be more of an extra-judicial anti-crime Task Force and very effective. Your coverage indicates that this group may be financed and supported by some businessmen. I commend these 'businessmen' for their courage to stand up to these criminals. Kudos to these community minded citizens. It is reassuring to see a good news story of selfless sacrifice from the much maligned business community. Keep up the excellent work!

Yours faithfully,

Fuad Rahaman