George Bacchus should be arrested and charged
Stabroek News
January 18, 2004

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Dear Editor,

How realistic is this? A known career criminal who has an all-embracing criminal history, an accomplice to several extra-judicial killings, riding towards a shooting in front of his house! A normal person would be hugging the ground, fearful of the shooters looking back! I have done a crime scene experiment here in Tucker, Georgia where we have better lighting than Princess Street, and am very upset with my optometrist of over 40 years who had told me that my glasses had given me 20/20 vision. I would like to know what Mr. Bacchus is eating so I can alleviate my VD predicament (Vision Dilemma) so I can identify persons in a car over fifty yards away, through the back windscreen with bullets flying out of the window in twilight by the back of their heads.¬

I have lots of questions for the PPP/C, the PNC/R and the Guyanese public. Why is this self-confessed accessory to murder / informant / Superman with telescopic eyes still free? Why has he not been arrested? Who lied about the polygraph test? Why has the PNC/R not mounted a vigil for his arrest? Who is the rest of the "Phantom Force? It looks like he has a grudge against persons and will be giving selective revelations.

He caused the demise of many Guyanese. Bacchus was involved and contributed to the crime spree directly and indirectly. This "cochure" by locating persons and letting his hit men / associates know the "targets" position after the "targets" were found guilty by the "Phantom Court", caused the termination of many vicious career criminals. This career criminal / informant should be arrested and charged! Accessory before and after the fact of murders comes to mind.¬

My grandmother said, "Show me your friends and I will tell you what you are." Birds of a feather flock together". "When you go to crab dance you will get mud". I wonder why all these proverbs come to mind when I think of Boombalay and that is the nickname the career criminal goes by!

Now this is getting very confusing, I want the criminals dead!¬ I want them dead quickly! I want them brought to justice! I want peace and quiet!¬ Hell, now I understand why I cannot have bake and cake! The way the PNC/R is operating, they are on the side of justice for the opposition not the real criminals.¬

Living in an atmosphere not knowing who is in the restaurant, waiting for some criminal with a grudge to start shooting is ridiculous. In my heart I know extra-judicial killing is wrong, state sponsored killings are also wrong. What is one expected to do, sit home and await the visits of these criminals? No siree, we should return the compliment! I want to experience Mash without another jailbreak and crime spree or else I am going to Carnival! Leave the Honorable Minister who allegedly had the guts to do the job alone, (no pun intended) and I hope¬ someone carries on eradicating the criminals!

Yours faithfully,

Eustace G. Morrison