Bacchus' allegations must be taken seriously
Stabroek News
January 13, 2004

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Dear Editor,

For some time speculation as to the involvement /connections of top officials of government and some members of the business community with/to the Phantom killings has been in the public domain.

The recent killing of Shafeek Bacchus and the subsequent claims by his brother have accentuated the speculation and have lent some credence to it in the minds of the populace.

As a citizen I am appalled at the continued denial and flippant manner in which the Minister of Home Affairs has been allowed to address these concerns (and get away with it), especially since he has been implicated.

The Acting Commissioner of Police seemed to be deliberately 'twiddling his thumbs' in dealing with this issue. If this government is to be seen as taking the crime situation seriously then the Acting Commissioner of Police should be given the mandate, if it is not already his, to cause an immediate investigation into the matter. The Minister of Home Affairs should demit office pending the outcome of an investigation which should be inclusive of a lie detector test.

It is a serious indictment on the part of the government and by extension the police force not to act swiftly in this matter.

Yours faithfully,

(name and address supplied)