Minister Gajraj must offer a better explanation
Stabroek News
January 11, 2004

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Dear Editor,

In a report captioned (10.1.2004) "Gajraj: Killing squad offer mere allegation", [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] Mr. Gajraj wonders why it is that "One of the things the experience in this country has shown is that if government officials say anything it's given very little, if any, credibility. But any Tom, Dick and Harry could jump up and make statements and they are free to discuss... Nobody stops to look at the circumstances or the validity or feasibility of these

statements, but so long as it is made against a government official or the government per se, irrespective who makes it, it is Gospel."

Let me help him. In the past 4 months, at least 15 men have been killed in circumstances consistent with the hypothesis that there is a group of gunmen who are attacking identified targets for political reasons. Now, a man has come forward claiming to be one of that group and giving detailed information about their activities. This information fits the known facts and is capable of being checked.

Minister Gajraj has provided no alternative hypothesis which fits the facts, beyond blanket denials. Therefore, the general public is forced to conclude that the "phantom group" hypothesis is the most likely to be correct. If the Minister wishes to change the public's view, then he will have to come up with a hypothesis which fits the facts better than does the "phantom group".

Yours faithfully,

Desmond Persaud