A manipulation of the facts
Guyana Chronicle
March 17, 2004

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THE Guyana Institute for Democracy [GID], a New York-based front organization for the PNC/R, continues its campaign of vilifying the PPP/Civic Government and the country in furtherance of the political agenda of its parent body.

GID, in a letter by Milton Allimadi, which is headed, "GID concerned about rampant drug smuggling from Guyana" in the Guyana Chronicle of March 15, 2004 seeks to manipulate the facts and events taking place so as to spread the PNC/R's lies.

Guyana is no means the only country in the region, which is being used by the narco-traffickers to export drugs to North America and Europe, but one only has to look at the daily news to see drug busts taking place involving other countries and their nationals as well.

Before 1992, Guyana was already recognized as a major transshipment point for drugs to Europe and North America and this was published in the National Geographic Magazine.

The drug traffic through Guyana increased as the country became poorer and poorer under the PNC, becoming eventually the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, overtaking Haiti, in 1991.

Since 1992, efforts were stepped up to attack the drug trade with international help and significant and dramatic drug busts were made and foreign countries and agencies counted on the cooperation and support of the Guyanese government and law enforcement agencies.

The GID writer also referred to the sudden increase in violent crimes from February 2002, and the many victims, including policemen who were killed, and sought to give the impression, to suit his organization's agenda, that all or most of the victims were Afro-Guyanese, when in fact, as is well-known, Indo-Guyanese and their communities were the prime targets of the criminals.

The writer also does not mention that Buxton, which is a PNC stronghold, provided a safe haven for the criminals who got logistical and other support there, with only the PNC leaders being able to go and come from there as they liked.

His party, the PNC, never condemned the crimes, unambiguously or unequivocally. In fact, the PNC sought to make political capital of it, so much so, that the then U.S. Ambassador, and the British and Canadian High Commissioners issued statements that violent crimes can never be the subject of debate.

Neither the PNC/R nor one of its fronts or organizations like GID can fool the people. Yours faithfully,
Marian Jones