Phagwah celebrations showed we are all one Guyanese people
Guyana Chronicle
March 13, 2004

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Whoever Perspective is, writing in the Kaieteur News has displayed a total lack of perspective in his absurd interpretations of the recent Phagwah celebrations as contained in his article " PPP disrespects multiculturalism" in the publication of 12th March.

In this article, the writer accused the PPP of eye-passing their own supporters who he erroneously said were basically Indian, during the Hindu celebration of Phagwah, because he stated that high-level and low-level PPP-ites came up to the microphone to say how wonderful it was that African Guyanese were joining in the Phagwah celebration.

What is wrong with that, if Afro brothers and sisters join in the celebration of Phagwah with their Indo-Guyanese brothers and sisters? This shows respect for each other's religious beliefs, practices, traditions and cultures and most of all showing there is no problem in living together as one Guyanese people.

Most people of all races and religions do celebrate Christmas together which we all know is a Christian celebration, does this then mean to say that they all wish to become Christians?

If I go to a Kwanza, and shout Harambe with my African brothers and sisters, does this mean that I decide to give up my culture and want to become an African? Why can't I celebrate with them?

If I go to an Amerindian area and take part in their celebrations and festivities, does this make me, ipso facto, an Amerindian?

We can all enjoy, participate in and celebrate each others' festivities and cultures with respect and become all the richer for the experiences.

So Perspective must get some proper perspective and do not become over-balanced or unbalanced in his zeal to attack the PPP.

Who says that Indians do not 'wine down' when they want to. Even Ravi Dev says that this is done at the wedding houses or have you never been invited to one?

The PPP from its inception has always been fighting for national unity among the Guyanese but people like Mr. Perspective and Ravi Dev do not want this to happen since he claims that he is only representing the Indians of which we all know is a farce and far from reality and which is a part of their political agenda to pursue federalism and divide up the country and the people into states for each race.

If the unity prevails that is the final nail in their coffin.
Yours faithfully,
Haseem Seyad