ARC has programme that is ambitious and doable
Guyana Chronicle
March 13, 2004

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IT is not often that good news is heralded in the media of Guyana. There seem to be, however, some truly good news reported recently.

This good news has to do with the formation of a new political party called All Races Congress, ARC. The leader of this new party, one Eddie Rousa Da-Silva, certainly gave a most rousing speech on television.

This gentleman appears to be quite fearless in his approach to politics in Guyana. He does not mince words in his castigation and condemnation of the two main political parties, the PPP and the PNC, which he terms race-based parties. And, as far as I am concerned, rightly so, too!

The past and present crop of politicians has made an unholy mess of the economy of our beloved Guyana. So says Mr. Ad Silva. And I agree. To find a good job is virtually a Herculean task. Guyanese are fed-up with the constant wrangling between the PPP and the PNC. Instead of working together to improve our economy and find jobs for Guyanese, they seem to be mired in accusations against each other.

Well, comes this new political party, ARC, with its fearless and charismatic leader, Eddie Rouse Ad-Silva, with a programme that is as ambitious as it is doable.

According to Mr. Da Silva, his party, ARC, if elected to government, will invite large foreign investors to bring their factories and their modern technologies to Guyana.

This is what we need, not poverty, crime and corruption which is the order of the day in our country! Let us give this man and his party a hearing. And please, let us hear more of what he and his party have to offer this country of ours.

I do believe that Guyanese would like to see this leader being interviewed on television and in the press. He has something to say about his vision for this country. The news media owe it to the people of this country to allow this man and his party, ARC, a fair and diligent hearing.

I hope you see fit to publish this letter of hope.
Respectfully Yours
Dennis Ying.