There is full freedom and democracy
Guyana Chronicle
March 12, 2004

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THERE is an article about founder/leader of the new political party - All Races Party - Eddie Da Silva in the Stabroek News of March 10, 2004.

He claims among other things that neither the PPP/C nor the PNC/R is serious about ensuring the dialogue process succeeds.

Like others, he seeks to blame the PPP/C along with the PNC/R, when as everyone else knows the difficulties were created by the latter.

The PPP/C has always been committed to dialogue and inclusive governance as it has abundantly demonstrated over the years. In fact, our country now has the most inclusive Constitution in the Caribbean and in the world as well.

Eddie Da Silva erroneously claims that the PPP/C was and is still unwilling to reach out to black voters, when the PPP is in fact a multi-racial party and has been committed to racial unity from its inception.

People of all races supported and voted for the PPP, as could have been seen in the results of the election ballots over the years.

He, quite rightly seems to feel that he may be regarded as an opportunist as he had joined and left both parties before forming his own.

People were surprised when he suddenly left the PPP, after supporting Dr. Cheddi Jagan, making all sorts of criticisms afterwards. People had to wonder why he joined in the first place.

Of course, today in Guyana, especially after 1992, there is full freedom and democracy as witnessed by the plethora of new political parties that have been formed and are contesting elections. And no one has been denied his/her democratic rights, a situation that did not exist before.
Yours faithfully,
Haseem Seyad.