Let's hear more of the new political party
Guyana Chronicle
March 10, 2004

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Seldom have I sent in letters to the Editor. But, I think that this is the time to do so.

Guyana has had a string of political parties of one stripe or another.

The two main parties, the PPP and the PNC, have both chartered a course that can be termed socialist if not out and out communist. These ideologies have brought nothing but wreck and ruin to Guyana. Added to this type of misery is the racial aspects of each of these

They each have used race to further their political aims. As a result we have had to endure violence, crime, political instability and last but by no means least, untold poverty with all the ills that go with it.

Now it appears that a new political party calling itself All Races Congress, ARC, has arrived on the political scene.

My Guyanese friends and I have been sent a video of the leader, a Mr. Eddie Rousa Da Silva delivering a speech on TV Channel 28 at the inauguration of this ARC party.

Whoever this individual is, he seems to have a profound grasp and understanding of not only what is wrong with our beloved country, but, more important, what needs to be done to change the disastrous course Guyana is set upon by what he terms 'race-based' parties and return it to peace, stability and prosperty.

This is the type of leader with a new and dynamic vision for Guyana. He talks about the need for foreign investment of some three billion U.S. dollars, with large multinational and other foreign investors bringing their factories and technological knowhow to Guyana.

The important thing is that this leader is telling us how he and his party intends to bring this about.

Many Guyanese are hoping and praying that, at long last, there comes a political party and a leader that truly intends to represent all of the Guyanese people whatever their race or social class and economic

This All Races Congress, ARC, seems to be the party that we Guyanese have been waiting and praying for.

Let us hear more of this new party and its dynamic leader.
With Respect
Herman and Lucille Seecharan