The daily wipe, indeed!
Guyana Chronicle
March 9, 2004

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SOME websites are very entertaining. is one of those sites.

Here's something from that site, titled The Daily Ass Wipe? to prove it:

"Now I am not going to make any judgments on this case. I am simply going to present the facts and leave all judgments to you.

"Recently I joined the GBC Cricket Commentary team as a rookie ball-by-ball commentator for the South Africa series. Upon using the washroom I found that there was no toilet paper, but a healthy supply of newspaper instead. What I found interesting was there was no Stabroek News, only Guyana Chronicle.

"At GTV I am sitting in for Sean Devers the usual host of the GTV Sports Magazine while he is away with the Guyana cricket team in the Carib Beer Series. Upon using the washroom at this other state owned media facility I also found no toilet paper. Once again there was newspaper, once again there was only the Guyana Chronicle.

I personally love, and buy daily, the Guyana Chronicle for their superior coverage of local sports and the super hilarious Justin Kunsorn and Sportin' Courtney."

Like the author of this humorous, interesting piece of ass-ish-ness, I'm not going to make any judgments. I, too, am merely going to present the facts and leave all judgments to you.

Firstly, as a relative of one of the employees of GNNL, I hasten to say that the employees and publishers of the Guyana Chronicle have no need to despair. On the contrary! Assuming that people are more health conscious than they were previously, "a healthy supply of" the newspaper being found in a washroom where one usually expects toilet paper, suggests that the Guyana Chronicle really does serve a multiplicity of purpose. In addition to informing, enlightening, educating and entertaining readers, it also now serves as a health aid.

Unless I'm a person who doesn't like my body, I would think a million times before I ridicule a product that isn't as expensive as a roll of toilet tissue but that nonetheless serves the same purpose. That is, restore a vital part of my body to hygienic health after performing a life-saving biological function.

Come to think of it, the author is a person of limited interest. Or his IQ would have transcended the reading of comics and sports to recognizing the health service provided by the newspaper he's talking about.

Good for him that he at least acknowledges buying the Chronicle daily. I hope he no longer has to wait until he sits in for Sean Devers at "this other state owned media facility" to realize that the newspaper serves yet another humane purpose!

As for how some workers may feel after logging on to I would walk in to the premises of GNNL with a broad smile, aware that the newspaper for which I work for is such a healthy substitute at a time when just about everybody is trying to cut costs and get more for his/her money. The daily wipe, indeed!
Augustus Whyte