Have a rethink
Guyana Chronicle
February 18, 2004

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Mr. Ramjattan should have a rethink of his position and where he is now and consider if the course on which he has embarked is really in the best interests of those rank and file members whom he claims to represent.

This is no way reduces or takes away his democratic rights to express his views in the public domain, as an individual, but he cannot express those views as a member of the party or especially as a Central Executive member. No organization tolerates or sanctions this - political or otherwise.

Look at the PNC and what happened to long-standing members and senior executives such as Hamilton Green - a former PNC Prime Minister and a friend of Burnham no less, and to Aubrey Norton, a former general secretary and Member of Parliament who was removed from office by Hoyte and put by him at the bottom of the back bench in Parliament.

Mr. Ramjattan had no restrictions put on him in expressing his views and proposing his ideas at the forum provided by the Party's Constitution and rules by a democratic and dynamic political party such as the PPP.
Yours faithfully,
Ronald Smith