There's a big bias regarding the Gajraj issue
Guyana Chronicle
February 17, 2004

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I WISH to make a response to the editorial of the Sunday 2nd February 2004 edition of Stabroek News.

This editorial re-emphasized the position of Stabroek News regarding the resignation of Minister Gajraj. Stabroek News has been carrying the PNC line since the coming to the fore of this issue. Finally, in one of its editions, it made it explicit that it supported the call for the resignation of the Minister.

I didn't expect to find any better analysis of the circumstances surrounding this issue further in the editorial.

This editorial entered a debate on whether the President is fighting rhetoric or whether he is responding to the crisis before him-suggested in the later part of the first paragraph.

This editorial continued this newspaper's crusade for the resignation of the Minister. What was striking however is that they claimed that many western missions in Guyana have called for an investigation into the allegations?

However, in the spirit of competition I thing it should be mentioned too that one of those same credible and influential missions (USAID) had accused Stabroek News of irresponsible journalism.

This I think is a very important piece of rebuttal to the notion that the president is not acting on the crisis. This allegation more or less compounds the President's position that sections of the media are acting irresponsible and biased regarding this issue.
Yours truly,
R. Narine