Guyana Chronicle
February 17, 2004

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PEOPLE'S careers are being damaged; some being targeted, even with their families, and even foreign governments are hastily acting to inconvenience people's lives by allegation and not a shred of evidence.

It is interesting to read Bacchus saying he knew nothing about killings. I have read this over and over in the newspapers. It is possible some may be privy to other information. But Mr. Bacchus is saying quite adamantly that he knows nothing about killings. What he says is that he was an informant for the Ministry of Home Affairs. He even paid his own money, he says, to get information.

Is it possible that this man was the head of the so-called Phantom Squad and that now he has a problem with the group he headed? Is it possible he did not fulfill certain obligations or met pre-arranged engagements? As a result, he is under fear that his squad wants him?

Is it possible he spun the web of lies so that by going to the Embassy of the United States he would get a special visa (refugee)?

Some people will sell their house and land, even their wives to get a visa to the United States of America. Some even sacrifice their children to Satan to get US visas. Is it possible the man staged his brother's killing to use that as a rouse to get a visa?

I believe this man needs to be seriously interrogated. It seems he knows more or led the group and now wants out by getting a US visa and then run away while destroying people's lives and careers.

I find it strange that by mere allegations citizens of this country are being arrested for murder without any evidence. Have the people waging a campaign against Minister Gajraj sought to get the authorities to ask Bacchus who was really responsible for the killings of the bandits, prison escapees and others kidnappers, as he was paying his money (from his sweat) to expose the criminals? Or is it the criminals who want vengeance on him and not his so-called colleagues?

I personally believe there was no phantom force. I believe it was gang warfare. I predicted that these people sooner or later would fight for money, food, wine and women. It was only a matter of time before they started destroying themselves.

But in my eyes, amidst all the murders, the rapes, the constant violence by the Inspector Gadget and the escapees and their friends, I saw a vision of a group of men who would arise and confront the violence and banditry. I saw DEATHWISH, I remembered Charles Bronson, and then I realized that was the only way to solve the problem.

The Police admitted their weaknesses, and understandably so. They have always been kept weak, but they worked, they have to be admired. In the not too distant future, I saw my vision fulfilled; the bandits were being killed left, right and center. People were beginning to feel safe. The police could breathe a sign of relief; their members were no longer under attack. Women could venture out, children could play, and exodus stopped, few retuned. Even those who condemn today a certain Minister dared not venture out of their homes, except for the political leader who was encouraging the banditry.

History will bear me out on this. If police come under attack, anywhere in the world, the Police will galvanize and launch a counter attack. The United States has hundreds of cases like this, where the Police in many states adopted a vigilante method to capture or run down cop-killers. The same for armed forces. It is not unusual for old police or soldiers to form themselves into fighting forces when their colleagues or contemporaries come under attack. Do some people really expect Guyanese to sit while their friends and loved ones are slaughtered; when people had to abandon their businesses and homes for foreign lands; when people cannot sleep; when every moment is a moment of danger? No, the people will rise up and do all they can, and this is where I believe Bacchus comes in. The people owe him a debt of gratitude for being a news carrier. He is or was a damn good one, I must say.

Imagine had it not been for Bacchus, and others like him, I rather suspect, Guyana would have been a war zone. The escapees would be looting, kidnapping, murdering you Guyanese, your sons and daughters... raping them before your eyes. Race war might have resulted as was the intention of the political backers of the escapees and other criminal elements, even televisions hosts and television stations that applauded and encouraged them. But Guyana prevailed.

Yours faithfully
Lovelle Tumekey