The US Embassy and the phantom gang
Guyana Chronicle
February 16, 2004

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I HAVE read with interest that the US Embassy revoked the visas to the USA of Minister Gajraj and his wife. The public perception appears to be that Mr. Gajraj may have some knowledge of the phantom group. I find great difficulty in attempting to rationalize the reason for the revocation of Mrs. Gajraj's visa.

A short while ago Mr. Tacuma Ogunseye, writing in the press on January 23, 2004 pontificated that, "opportunist and political morons conveniently chose to forget that it was the pressure from the US Government that played the major role in ending the "resistance" in Buxton. Those who are now in praise of the phantom killers rather than the US Government and the Commonwealth of Nations are opportunists of the worst kind".

So we have Mr. Ogunseye, who knows what he is talking about, has credited the US Government for ending the role of criminals.

Now, is the American Government trying to back peddle to give the impression to the world that its hands are not tainted with the blood of Guyanese, so by revoking the visas of the Minister of Home Affairs and his wife it is trying to create the impression that it is not the phantom gang or part of any phantom gang?

We must not forget that the American Security Officer at the US Embassy was kidnapped and held for ransom. He was released later that same night. The Americans do not pay ransom. Was ransom paid and who paid it?

Please enlighten us morons, Tacuma. In trying to ingratiate yourself with the US Embassy you have exposed their scheme.