Look who's talking about what is illegal!
Guyana Chronicle
February 12, 2004

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Well, well, well. So we saw it from Mr. Jerome Khan, MP and member of the PNC/R, on page 18 of the Stabroek News of Friday, February 7, 2004. Mr. Khan was telling the world that letters in support of the activities of death squads were illegal and should not be encouraged. "Our laws are unambiguous on this matter," he said, adding that, "public statements or actions that openly condone or encourage criminals and criminal acts are unlawful and punishable."

Look who's talking about what is illegal!

Jerome Khan ought to be sanctioned by his party. Why do I say this? We have never heard Mr. Khan or any member of the PNC criticize Mr. Desmond Hoyte when he spoke of "fire and more fire," when he declared that the criminals who used Buxton as their haven were not criminals and urged them to continue the struggle - at a time when Indo-Guyanese going through Buxton were being vandalized and robbed and murdered, when programme hosts on Blackman/Hoyte Channel 9 openly preach racism, when letters and pamphlets are distributed freely urging violence and mayhem.

Do you not recall when the PNC wanted to manners Raphael Trotman because he called on his party to share some responsibility for the July 3rd fiasco at the Office of the President - a fiasco that Mark Benschop has been accused of being involved in and is now awaiting trial for treason?

What were Khan and Robert Corbin doing outside of the Office of the President when the police had to bodily put them in police vehicles and cart them away knowing their action to be illegal? They most certainly had not gotten permission from the police to so assemble.