Govt. officials should meet with Guyanese overseas more often
Guyana Chronicle
February 10, 2004

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A great deal of propaganda, rumours and misinformation are spread around here in New York about our home country, especially whenever any significant events or issues arise there.

The opposition party and their allies here have well-organized propaganda mills which keep spewing out anti-government positions and 'news' and they are very persistent.

These guys cause considerable anxiety and worry at times among the Guyanese community living here as a result of which make us fearful about what is happening to our relatives and friends there and what is happening in Guyana.

Consequently, we are very relieved whenever representatives of the Government arrive here to give us the facts and a balanced picture about what is really happening back home and who are always willing to answer our questions and put our fears to rest.

We are then much better informed about the issues and are better able to understand and thus able to withstand and refute the unholy propaganda dished out by the opposition PNC/R party and their agents provocateurs.

We will be very happy if we can have much more regular meetings and briefings of this nature as they are very necessary to counteract the opposition propaganda which they try to force down our throats.
Yours faithfully,
J. Maurice Ali
Richmond Hill, Queens