The killing of innocent Guyanese citizens
Guyana Chronicle
February 10, 2004

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HOW can I assure my children who are American citizens that they would be safe if they were to vacation in Guyana? How can a president who supposedly represents all citizens of in Guyana be absolutely certain that a member of his Cabinet has not done anything wrong? Why is there an outcry from so many Guyanese citizens about the existence of a death squad prior to fingers being pointed at a member of the Cabinet? Why should Mr. Bacchus trust the police?

I have worked closely with a prominent Congressman in the United States. I will seek his assistance in trying to open an investigation on Guyana's Cabinet member who is alleged to have been or be part of a death squad.

Whether it's the PPP or PNC, such an act should not be tolerated if there is any merit in the allegations.

If the President of Guyana refuses to follow through with the proper channel, it is the responsibility of the United Nations to investigate and provide confidence to the people of Guyana and Guyanese citizens living abroad.

I would like to inform the Guyanese citizens and everyone around the world that the allegations are very serious and damaging. Individual representatives and organizations of both parties ((PPP & PNC) in the United States are paying heed to this story very closely. Guyana may suffer greatly if the above measure is not investigated to the fullest extent of the law.

I am eagerly awaiting your response. Thank you.
Pauline Moore

Editor's Note:
The Government says it favors an investigation and the President, in response to a letter from PNCR/Opposition Leader Robert Corbin, has asked Mr. Corbin to give whatever credible information on George Bacchus's allegations against the Home Affairs Minister that he says he has, to the police. The outgoing Commissioner of Police has also issued a public call for anyone with information relevant to Bacchus's allegations to get in contact with the police.