The truth really does hurt!
Guyana Chronicle
February 1, 2004

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RAVI Dev could not restrain his anger over the fact that Odinga Lumumba appeared on the programme, "The Big Question is Why?" as the representative for the PPP/Civic.

The others were Vincent Alexander for the PNC/R, and Vic Puran who supported Alexander along with Dev. The host of course was M.F. Khan.

Lumumba made a strong point, among others, that Ravi Dev had stayed abroad, until the PPP/Civic had won the elections in 1992 and formed the government when he felt it was safe to return and engage in politics and freely express his views.

Mr. Lumumba also forcefully and eloquently pointed out to Alexander, that the fact that they were there to openly discuss unsubstantiated allegations against the Minister of Home Affairs was a tribute and testimony to the freedom of expression that has been restored to the media with the coming into office in October 9, 1992 by the PPP/Civic government.

But then, which opponent of the PPP/C government likes to be reminded that the reason he or she is able to be so open, so publicly vocal, so unrestrained, so critical, so resentful, so antagonistic, and/or so hateful of the government and its functionaries and whatever they so or do, is because this very resented, hated government restored the rights and freedoms of the individuals that their own party had denied the Guyanese people in one form or another for so long?

The truth really does hurt!

Although some people would say that these people are so unreasonably antagonistic that they do not have a conscience, I would not go that route. I would simply pity them. I would urge the government to continue its policy of press freedom and allow its opponents to continue demonstrating to the Guyanese people and to the world at large who and what they really are.

I would not be too bothered, either, by the crowd that they seem to be drawing. I remember the Bible story of Lucifer being cast down from Heaven and his wicked angels with him, and so I am consoled by the fact that these opponents will always have a following - people who prefer to be led by their noses than think, analyze and decide for themselves.
Yours faithfully,
David Duliram