Is the PNC/R afraid of a police investigation?
Guyana Chronicle
January 31, 2004

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People have to wonder why the PNC/R are afraid to have the Police investigate the allegations against the Minister of Home Affairs.

Why are they twisting and turning so, to obstruct and prevent any possibility of the Police Force conducting such an investigation and are calling so vociferously for a so-called "independent "enquiry ?

Maybe it is not so surprising at all, when you consider the number of skeletons which the PNC/R has in its cupboard.

There is a long litany of woes and crimes attributed to this party which has made no secret of its links to and use of criminal elements.

During the 'crime spree' centered in and around Buxton, this party and their executives had free access to come and go in this area, and their functionaries were present at the funerals of murderous criminals who were killed in confrontations with the Police.

When over twenty police officers were slain by criminals in cold blood, this party made little or no comment and indeed their propaganda was to 'idolize the criminals and ‘demonize' the Police. Maybe this is one of the reasons why they are reluctant to have them conduct an investigation according to the normal rules and procedures.
Yours faithfully,
Nadira Suklall