PNC didn't resign after ruling Guyana illegally for 24 years!
Guyana Chronicle
January 30, 2004

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Mr. Robert Corbin, Leader of the PNC/R and the Opposition has called not only on Minister Ronald Gajraj but on the Government to resign. He cited the examples of himself and other Ministers in PNC Governments who resigned after allegations.

The most serious allegations against the PNC from 1968 to 1985 were the blatant and fraudulent rigging of elections, which were supported by a substantial body of evidence from credible local and international individuals and agencies. During this period countless calls were made for the PNC Government to resign. It never did and ruled this country illegally for 24 years and almost destroyed it.

Mr. Corbin must explain his stand when the PNC was in office before demands of resignation can have some credibility.

His past explanations that elections were not rigged will only serve to damage the PNC/R's credibility further.