Bacchus did not say minister headed any phantom gang
Guyana Chronicle
January 27, 2004

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Mr. Ovid Smith has written that, "Death Squads are monsters that become uncontrollable" in Stabroek News and also in Kaieteur News that, "Nothing short of the truth will satisfy our yearnings."

He also referred to what I wrote that the public perception is that whoever did what was done to bring back order in society did the nation a favor.

He of course claims that it is my perception and not the public's. Smith also goes on to say that Bacchus revealed that Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj headed the 'Phantom Gang' and an enquiry must be held. So far not so good because Bacchus did not say that Gajraj headed any phantom gang. This is Smith's perception.

What I find rather interesting is his reference to the Prime Minister of the UK and his alleged role in driving scientist Kelly to kill himself. Although an inquiry was held in the UK, Prime Minister Blair was not asked to resign.

Can Mr. Smith rationalize this with his call for Gajraj's resignation even without any report or complaint filed against the minister?