Why the haste to get the Home Affairs Minister out of office?
Guyana Chronicle
January 24, 2004

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It is widely suspected and in fact is being bruited around that some of the very people who are making the most noise about the unsubstantiated allegations against Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj have links to the criminals and are deathly afraid of being exposed.

Once the investigations are going on, these links may be discovered and become known to the public, and these folks don't want any sort of a 'phantom' gang, whether real or imagined, roaming around who may be able to get at them.

The mere fact that all those telephone numbers and times of call and so on have reached certain or selected sections of the media could mean that other calls by and to other individuals may soon also become public knowledge. So create as much confusion as possible in the meantime!

Hence, all the noise and furore and signing of petitions to get Gajraj to resign! Because if he does, the whole thing may just die down, and the ongoing investigations may lose its impetus. It is believed that this is their real intention.
Yours faithfully,
Samuel Wilson