Guyana Chronicle
January 21, 2004

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The law abiding citizens who wish to live in peace in Guyana wish to express their thanks to the phantom and all those responsible for its formation. Thanks to them for the crime free holidays and safe passage through Buxton and Agricola that have resulted from the intervention of the phantom force or phantom squad.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the main opposition party, among others, for being unable to create an unstable environment and instill fear among the citizens. This has resulted in more investment and other positives.

It is a good time to remind the Guyanese public and the opposition that Mr. George Bacchus was convicted for murder. An investigation should be launched regarding his acquittal, which, incidentally, was not a judge or jury decision. In the interim I suggest that Mr. George Bacchus remain in police custody until the investigation is completed. This may be the safest place for him at this time - in addition to a happy reunion with old friends.
Thankful Sophia Resident