Will the PNC ask for an inquiry into the brutality and killings in 2002-03?
Guyana Chronicle
January 21, 2004

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Mr. Robert Corbin has spoken about allegations made against himself, Mr. Stanley Moore and Mr. Rashleigh Jackson when they were all members of the Burnham Cabinet, and that they resigned when allegations were made against them.

The matters having been brought to the public arena by Mr. Corbin in his quest to get the removal of Ronald Gajraj from office, it is only fair that the public be made aware of what Mr. Corbin had alluded to.

The allegation was made against Robert Corbin that he raped a young woman in his office one Saturday afternoon. Can Mr. Corbin confirm or deny that the medical evidence showed that the girl was bruised, scratched and suffered other injuries consistent with an attack as if by an animal?

Mr. Stanley Moore was Minister of Home Affairs and he ordered the release of hardcore criminals from the Georgetown Prison. Mr. Skip Roberts, the Crime Chief, protested to Mr. Burnham. Mr. Burnham suggested to Roberts that he tender his resignation. (This was part of Burnham's strategy). Mr. Burnham called in Stanley Moore and showed him Skip Robert's letter of resignation. He asked Moore to find a Crime Chief as competent as Roberts. Stanley Moore resigned and Skip Robert's letter of resignation was destroyed.

Rashleigh Jackson's son was allegedly found in possession of unlawful objects in the U.S.A, and a letter was issued claiming that the son was in the diplomatic service, which was not true. As a result of the letter, the son was not charged. Mr. Jackson resigned.

Is there any similarity to the matter now engaging in public attention at the request of Mr. Corbin?

But dealing with the call for the resignation of Mr. Gajraj, we have seen two statements issued by bedfellows of the PNC. The Guyana Bar Association noted that it was a serious breach of the law to condemn a high government official without verification and scrutiny of the allegations made against him; and the Guyana Human Rights Association in a lukewarm statement said it was unfortunate that the PNC/R chose to focus predominantly on the Minister rather than mobilizing around the issue.

Bearing in mind that Bacchus has refused to attend an identification parade or give a statement in writing to the Guyana authorities, will the PNC/R show its maturity and lend support for a proper enquiry, including all the killings and brutality experienced in Guyana in 2002-2003 for which no one has been arrested?