Hate has a way of rebounding!
Guyana Chronicle
January 19, 2004

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ON 15th January, 2004, Stabroek News has revealed once more that its releases are based on inaccuracies and that it will go heels overhead to taint the PPP/C. But hate has a way of rebounding. The United States Embassy has nailed the lie that it has done a polygraph test on George Bacchus. When will the Stabroek News stop embarrassing itself?

The big fiasco about Minister Gajraj's connection to some Phantom Squad is being engineered by the PNC for political mileage. Up to this moment neither the PNC nor all its mouthpieces have incriminated George Bacchus himself. Bacchus has admitted to his involvement in the "Phantom Gang". Why isn't there a call for him to be charged for being a criminal, acting in concert?

Or is it okay for Bacchus to help to have murder committed because he's not a convenience for the PNC's current campaign of attacking the Minister?

This is not new. The PNC had already jailed Mr. Gajraj because he was an Indian GDF officer and that was a crime. When the criminals were running amok killing innocent people, it was the same PNC, which called for his head for not fighting the criminals. Ever wondered where all the money came from to make Congress Place the Complex it is? Where did the millions and millions taken off hapless victims go?

Christmas was peaceful, the country has become relatively socially stable, thanks to whoever, Phantoms or otherwise. But this irks the PNC whose agenda is instability and the criminals were just another convenient tool of the PNC. They were expendable.

The people of Guyana have learnt that the bandits, while targeting more Indians, also killed and robbed many Blacks. Criminals owe loyalty only to themselves. Thus the people of all races in this beloved Country of ours will not allow the PNC to hoodwink them into falling for the smokescreen they are creating while allowing a resurgence of criminals gangs in Guyana.

Let the Phantoms Ride!
And PNC, please back off the Minister. He has shown more testicular courage than any other Home Affairs Minister this country ever had!
Terry Francis