Continuing Opposition Lunacy
Guyana Chronicle
January 17, 2004

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Continuing Opposition Lunacy is once again apparent, this time in their ravings and rantings over allegations made against the Honourable Minister of Home Affairs Ronald Gajraj by two people of questionable character and associations. One can only say that they seem to have a very convenient way of looking at the present matter.

Since 1992, the PNC has tried to persuade us and the international community that Guyana was in one crisis after another, as the country made slow but steady progress in overcoming the vast array of problems left behind by them when they were in office. They have sought to create these 'crises' through various means - street marches and violence, walking out of Parliament, approaching international financial institutions to try to prevent aid and loans and other assistance to the country necessary because of their mismanagement, fraud and corruption, but all to no avail. Here is another effort by them, to try to use allegations against the Minister of Home Affairs for their political aspirations. Yours faithfully, Bernard Daniels.

Dear Editor, The full page Ad in today's newspapers is another attempt by the PNC/R and others no doubt to blow an issue out of all proportion based on unsubstantiated allegations, insinuations, {while enquiries are being made}, clearly for political motives. While all law-abiding citizens are against criminal activities of any sort, and look forward to the conclusion and report of a speedy enquiry, we cannot fail to take note of the lackluster interest and attitude which the PNC/R exhibited during the crime spree between the early part of 2002 and 2003, when there were daily occurrences of violence in and around the Buxton Village, and the PNC leader of that time assured us that " there were no criminals in Buxton." The very PNC leader and his party seemed to have leant some legitimacy to the criminal violence by their utterances, actions and refusal to join the rest of society in unequivocally condemning the violent crimes. Criminals slain in confrontations with the Police were seemingly revered, public rallies were held for them with speeches by PNC leaders, their coffins were even draped with the Guyana Flag and they were accompanied by long processions to their final resting place. The PNC/R has been energized now, not because they are genuinely interested in your or my safety, but because they are seeking to get some political mileage out of this present matter. Yours faithfully, Jeremy Maxwell.

Dear Editor, Another lie has been nailed. We are being 'reliably' informed by certain sections of the media - print as well as electronic - that the ' informant' making allegations against Minister of Home Affairs Ronald Gajraj has passed a lie detector test at the US Embassy in Georgetown according to the 'sources.' The US Embassy has however denied unequivocally such reports. They say they do not have such equipment and anyone requiring a lie detector test has to go abroad, as was done in the case of CANU officers. This shows to what extremes, anti-government forces will go, in their frenzy in another attempt to try to discredit or denigrate the Government, its President and Ministers and other officials. In the light of this exposure of another unholy fabrication, we have to ask ourselves if we can safely give any credibility to another set of rumours being spread by those opposed to the government. Yours faithfully, Betty Narine.

Dear Editor, It boggles the mind to observe the PNC antics regarding their charges against Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj. The main opposition party has announced that it will not take part in functions when the Home Affairs Minister is present and so far they have walked out of the ceremonial swearing in of the Police Service Commission and the Parliamentary Special Select Committee's review of public holidays. Their high and mighty approach does not match their staggering record of abuse, discrimination, violence and murders, yes, the killing of many unfortunate Guyanese. One does not even have to go back in history to the infamous X-13 Plan of murder and arson in the sixties, the murders and rape in Wismar, but just deal with the last decade of PNC violence. Some seem to forget the violence following not only the 1997 and 2001 elections, but also the 1992 elections when the US Ambassador was bashed on the head, Freedom House was on the verge of being invaded by PNC groups and some deaths in Water Street before the retention was stabilized. We didn't have to go far back in history to recall the invasion of the Office of the President and the subsequent deaths brought about by the PNC and its henchmen. Nor do we have to go back in history to prove who started the non-ending violence in Buxton. The PNC continues to use the oldest 'hat' trick of all, accusing the victims of their own crimes. Who rigged the elections for 28 years and yet has the gall to accuse the PPP/C of doing what the PNC does the best? And who is guilty of the violence and racism that has pervaded our country far too long? The accused slips out of its role by becoming the accuser!
Darwin Johnson