The media have a crime fight responsibility, too
Guyana Chronicle
January 16, 2004

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On January 12, 2004 Sean Hinds, another ex-cop, was held for questioning in connection with the recent killing of Mr. Shafeek Bacchus.

Is it a coincidence that only Kaieteur News carried this other half of the recent development in the killing of Shafeek Bacchus?

The Evening News account of the recent protest in front of the Ministry of Home Affairs attempted to exaggerate the situation. It termed a crowd of not more than 30 persons a "massive crowd." In addition, Evening News conveniently excluded the questioning of another ex-cop, Sean Hinds.

This important follow-up to the recent crime situation was also omitted from Stabroek News.

I don't want to cast judgment however. I hope that this does not mean that the core of the media is interested in propagandizing the recent developments.

I am aware of the emotional appeal of these developments and the kind of impact it can have on readership and viewership in this country. Notwithstanding this, the media should call it as it is and present a balanced picture that would reflect the struggle to fight crime and at the same time the rule of law. The media have a responsibility to fight crime too.
N. Narine