Unsubstantiated allegations
Guyana Chronicle
January 15, 2004

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Unsubstantiated allegations by Bacchus against the Home Affairs Minister are being sensationalized by some sections of the media and are being used by the PNC/R as a desperate ploy to get some media attention. And that shouldn't be.

The PNC [and subsequently with their Reform component] are well known for their predilection for and support of criminal elements in our society, and once again this is seen by their behaviour and response to these allegations.

These unsubstantiated allegations are being made by a man who admittedly has been associating with criminals and could have been even involved in murders! His home was reportedly raided by Police some time ago looking for drugs, arms and ammunition. Is this man an angel who admittedly engaged in criminal activities?

Would we want to believe the words of such a man?
Yours faithfully,
David Duncan