Police informant mechanism required to fight crime
Guyana Chronicle
January 13, 2004

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The recent murmurings over the killing of George Bacchus and calls to Mr. Gajraj from Axcel Williams have many implications - both positive and negative.

Firstly, it is evident that the police are doing what is required to fight crime. Having informers to trace down criminals is definitely among the most effective crime-fighting measures in the book.

Members of civil society and we the innocent are of little help to the police in tracking down criminals. Metropolitan countries have shown us that criminals are the best alliances in the apprehension of other criminals.

In the Caribbean it is against the code of the street to be an 'Informer' or 'Informant.' As a matter of fact, the rule of the street is 'Informa must dead!' These current efforts to blow the recent developments out of proportion would only solidify this code. This would further impede the battle against crime in Guyana.
G. Singh