Guyanese must rise above prejudices
- Corbin
Stabroek News
December 25, 2003

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Leader of the Opposition and of the PNCR, Robert Corbin, is convinced that Guyanese can work together as a people to remove the scourge of racial prejudice and conflict, and build a land where all can co-exist irrespective of their differences.

Extending greetings to all Guyanese for a peaceful and God-filled Christmas, Corbin in his Christmas message to the nation, said he was deeply conscious that most Guyanese will not enjoy the bright and beautiful Christmas they dreamt about. But he expressed the hope that God will grant everyone good health and peace during the season as well as inspiration, wisdom and strength to surmount the challenges experienced this year and that will surely be there in 2004.

The PNCR, he said did all within its power during 2003 to create an environment in which any caring and responsible government could have dealt with the serious economic, social and security problems that plagued the nation.

Corbin said it was obvious that the PPP/C Government has been a miserable failure and added that the people of Guyana need to decide how much longer they will tolerate incompetence, corruption and lack of good governance. The greatest tragedy, however, he said was that the government remained in a state of denial, proclaiming that all was well in Guyana.

During the year, he stated, the economy continued to decline, crime continued to escalate with the burgeoning drug trade, daily killings, kidnappings, violent robberies and the roaming phantom squads with a police force ill-equipped to deal effectively with the situation and to guarantee the safety of citizens. As a consequence, he noted that every citizen's security remains at risk.

2003, Corbin said was especially difficult for the PNCR, which was faced with the tragedy of losing former PNCR Leader and former President Hugh Desmond Hoyte on the eve of Christmas last year. However, he said that the party's leadership lived up to expectations, electing a new leader and proceeding with the task of reorganising.