PNCR newspaper returns
Stabroek News
December 25, 2003

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PNCR leader Robert Corbin has announced the return of the New Nation, the official organ of his party. He made the announcement during the Christmas Get- Together his party hosted at its Congress Place, Sophia headquarters on Tuesday.

The paper has been out of circulation for about two years due to a number of problems, which Corbin said had now been resolved, paving the way for its return to the news stands. It is priced at fifty dollars ($50) a copy.

He told his audience which included party supporters and a number of prominent businessmen that the "paper intends to adopt a tone that is informative, constructive and incisive."

In the first issue, the paper deals with a cross-section of issues including what it sees as the worsening business climate, the procurement legislation and problems at the Guyana Elections Commission, the latest CXC results and pages devoted to health and sports.

Corbin indicated that the party would soon be publishing a list of the distributors as he knew many "Guyanese would welcome the return of this important newspaper particularly at this juncture of our history."