Drainage board prepares for rainy season
Stabroek News
December 14, 2003

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Preparations for the rainy season have seen the National Drainage and Irrigation Board (ND&IB) working to ensure that pumps throughout the country are operational.

This preparation is being undertaken with funds from the approximately $367M allocated to the ND&IB for drainage and irrigation works this year, a press release from the Government Information Agency (GINA), said.

According to the release, the funds were expended on projects involving the cleaning and rehabilitation of 60 miles of canals at Leguan, Wakenaam, Parika, Vergen-oegen, Hague, Timehri, Plaisance, Mon Repos, Bath/Naarstigheid, Crabwood Creek and Silver City among other places. The work also saw 15 structures being constructed including at Berks, Hope, Cane Grove, Eversham, Letter Kenny, Whim and Crabwood Creek.

Meanwhile, significant drainage work has been completed in Region Three (Essequibo Islands/West Demerara) with the drainage and irrigation channels in the Canals Polder cleared.

The region is currently clearing the canals at La Jalousie West and four canals at Greenwich Park along with the fašade. The region is also sourcing parts to have the Windsor Forest pump fixed, the release said.

Major revetment works are ongoing at Enterprise, Leguan and are expected to be completed by December 18.

In Region Six, "projects completed...include the rehabilitation of the Sea Wall Grand Canal and the rehabilitation of the head regulators at Lesbeholden (North and South) and at Johanna, Yakusari and Mibicuri."

According to GINA, with the rehabilitation of these head regulators greater efficiency of water management and use in the Black Bush Polder area is expected.

Other works include the rehabilitation of the Zorg-en-Veldt canal at East Bank Berbice along with the number one irrigation canal, Crabwood Creek and the Yakusari main drain from Joppa to the junction.

The GINA release also indicated that the region constructed 400 feet of revetment works at Seaford and a check sluice at Number 44 Village.