City gets $100M from government for rates and taxes arrears
Stabroek News
December 13, 2003

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The Georgetown City Council last week received $100 million from the government as part of outstanding rates and taxes owed to the municipality.

It is part of the $223 million owed by the Jagdeo administration.

The question facing the finance committee, headed by Deputy Mayor Robert Williams, is how this money is to be spent bearing in mind the parlous state of City Hall's finances as preparations continue on the 2004 budget.

As the year comes to a close, city 'fathers' and ' mothers' have to find ways of dealing with the deteriorating infrastructure of the city, especially roads, silted drains, blocked canals and a cemetery which cries out for attention and swift action by the administration.

Extra funding is also urgently needed to beef-up the city constabulary.

Although Acting Chief Constable Winston Crawford is now in possession of two uniforms recently handed over by the council's tailor after this matter was highlighted in this newspaper's City Council Round-up, there is still an outstanding amount owed by the council. This is for another set of uniforms for other officers and city constables.

At Monday's statutory meeting of the council the deputy mayor, who presided in the absence of Mayor Hamilton Green, who is abroad, complained bitterly about the failure of the city police in coping with the vendors who continue to occupy certain parts of Water Street and block the pavements on Regent Street hanging clothing on vacant premises and even store fronts.

He was also upset over the parking of mini-buses in parts of the business area from which clothing is sold to the disadvantage of the occupants of the 'Toolsie Persaud' land. According to the deputy mayor anyone who breaks the law must be dealt with severely. (Cecil Griffith)