Corbin: traumatic crime wave must be stopped
-calls for national discourse
Stabroek News
December 12, 2003

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Nothing short of a national discourse on the restoration of law and order would bring some sense of security and much needed relief to the Guyanese people.

This is the warning voiced by PNCR leader Robert Corbin in an address to the nation aired on Channel 9 on Wednesday evening and rebroadcast on Channel 6 yesterday.

He voiced his party's unequivocal denunciation of "all forms of criminal activity and... its support to a lawful solution to this criminal enterprise".

"The PNCR wishes to assure all Guyanese that we are committed to the development of Guyana and that we have no desire to see violence in any form, against any person or group of persons in any place", Corbin asserted, adding, "the PNCR can derive no political benefit from promoting ethnic division in the country."

He pledged too that under his leadership the PNCR "will continue to put Guyana first."

In his broadcast Corbin expressed concern about criminal activity threatening the lives of citizens across the country. "The violent kidnapping of citizens as they pursue their business; the bullet-riddled bodies strewn along the very streets our children must walk each day; the terrifying raids on households in various villages," were activities that must be stopped, he said.

Corbin expressed concern "about the psychological scars that are being left on the minds of men, women and children as they are forced to witness the blood and gore that have become an everyday sight."

"This must stop. The Nation needs urgent solutions," Corbin urged, telling the nation that he had written to President Bharrat Jagdeo on the issue earlier on Wednesday and that a PNCR delegation had proposed to meet with the Commissioner of Police yesterday. Stabroek News understands that the delegation was unable to meet the commissioner as he indicated that he was unable to receive them then and has given no indication as to when he would.