GRPA plugs education to help youths adopt more responsible sexual behaviour
Stabroek News
December 8, 2003

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The Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA) has undertaken a project that seeks to provide young people with another opportunity to access information and education to help them to become more responsible in their sexual behaviour and to make informed choices.

The project, 'Fighting AIDS through Training and Education' (FATE) is being promoted by the GRPA in collaboration with the Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation (CFPA), with funding from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

This project was launched here on September 17 and targets youths between the ages of ten and 25 years, with the aim of addressing the issue of prevention of HIV and AIDS.

In a message on the occasion of World AIDS Day, the GRPA called on everyone to "keep HIV/AIDS issues on the front burner every day after December 1 since our individual and collective well-being depend on if we can win this fight against HIV/AIDS."

A major component of Project FATE is the training of youths as peer educators who will be able to work with their peers in schools, offices and various communities to bring about positive behavioural change.

GRPA's message also urged that "we must embrace all those who are infected and affected and give them the support that they need to help them to face the challenges [of] HIV/AIDS."