Empretec completes five workshops for the year
Stabroek News
December 7, 2003

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Empretec, the agency focused on training micro-entrepreneurs, held its graduation and closing ceremony recently at the Red House on Main Street.

This marked the end of the fifth and final workshop for the year, with outstanding participants receiving awards for the creation of the highest earning business and the best practice of entrepreneurial behaviour. Those who won awards were Elizabeth Deane-Hughes of Deane Hughes Designs, John Campbell who intends to undertake an agriculturally-based business and Vanessa Kerrett of Pebbles Play Group.

The workshops are aimed at developing entrepreneurial competencies, through exercises, games, role play and business creation. The initial target for these workshops was three per year, but because of demand they have increased to five with three in Georgetown, one in Berbice and one in Linden.

Judy Joseph, trainer and business adviser with Empretec said at the end of the programme the participants should develop the skill to assess their own strengths and weaknesses, acquire basic negotiation skills, make presentations, formulate life goals, and generally have an improved outlook to life and business.

The focus is on developing the person as an entrepreneur, realising that behind every business there is an individual. These workshops are the first phase of the Empretec service. Empretec also works with participants to help create a business plan, assist in refining the plan for accessing finance and help the individual to achieve their business goals. In an effort to curb poor accounting practices among workshop participants, Empretec has an accountancy and bookkeeping service. Consultants are available to clients to help them to establish an accountancy plan. They also offer export development services.

Empretec is a project funded by the Government of Guyana, the United Nations Development Programmme (UNDP), and the Guyana Manufacturers Association (GMA).