Price for eggs spirals upwards
Stabroek News
December 7, 2003

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First it was chicken now it's eggs, with prices continuing to climb this weekend as the Christmas season kicks in.

Eggs at most outlets, including some vendors in and around the Bourda and Stabroek Markets, were retailing at between $18 and $25 each, yesterday.

The price was around $15 in November and only a few months ago between $8 and $10 each.

Most vendors with whom this newspaper spoke yesterday expected the price to continue upward eventually peaking on Christmas Eve.

"It's a seasonal thing," shrugged one retailer who said that there was no shortage of the product.

At Bounty Supermarket on Water Street, a sales representative said that eggs were being retailed at $20 each or $300 for a box of 12. They had none in stock, but were expecting some soon.

There were supplies at the supermarket's Regent Street and Orange Walk branch at the same price.

At C&F Meat Centre on Regent Street, eggs were going for $25 each or $750 per tray. Consumers were still buying.

Nigel's Supermarket at the corner of Robb and Light Streets was retailing eggs at $20 each although a tray of 12 cost $270. Large trays were priced at $600.

An employee said the price rise was a regular trend as the festive season approached particularly as persons made their cakes. The price at which the eggs were currently being retailed was the same from the producer, the sales rep said.

Bonny's Complex and Marketing Supermarket on South Road was retailing at $300 for a dozen and $600 per tray of 30 while Guynaz Green Grocer at the corner of North Road and Bourda Street were all out.

Guswin's Poultry Depot at Alexander and Robb streets are not stocking eggs for the season as the price was said to be too high. A representative of that establishment said that they had adequate stocks of chickens.

Across the road at New Guyana Marketing Corporation (NGMC) eggs were being retailed at $20 each.

During this newspaper's visits to evaluate prices and check stocks it was observed that adequate supplies seemed to be available both at supermarkets and at the Bourda and Stabroek markets.